Welcome to Greenlaw Primary School Early Learning and Childcare Centre. We are delighted to be working with you and your child throughout their time in our ELCC.  We are very proud of the provision that we have here in Greenlaw.  We know that you will enjoy watching your child develop and grow through the care and guidance of our ELCC and school staff.

Our ELC Vision, Values and Aims

Vision - A happy and safe space, where we work together to learn, grow and challenge ourselves

Children and Community Achieving Together


Positive, Welcoming, Respectful and Thriving.


We promote mutual respect by encouraging the children to be kind to themselves, each other and their environment.
We aim to provide a home-from-home experience, where children feel safe, comfortable and confident allowing them to engage fully in their learning.
We aim to work in collaboration with families & other professionals to ensure the best outcomes for the children.
We understand that all behaviour is communication and support children to communicate with others in a way that is developmentally appropriate.

Opening Times


Lunch Time


Pick Up Times

On Fridays we finish at 12:35pm

What will my child learn at Greenlaw ELC?

As practitioners we work hard to ensure the curriculum we provide reflects the 7 principles as stated in 'A Curriculum For Excellence'

Your child will be given a wide range of experiences. Our main focus areas are: literacy, numeracy and health & wellbeing. These are based on the following:

Emotional, Personal & Social Development
Communication & Language
Knowledge and Understanding of the World
Expressive and Aesthetic Development
Physical Development and Movement

Our Staff

Early Learning and Childcare

Mrs Foster
Early Years Practitioner
Miss Robertson
Early Years Officer


ELC Handbook 2021-2022